Meeting point

Where and how Tulpar Travel employees meet guests who have ordered our transfer services at airports?

Dear guests, most of the airports we operate are considered the busiest airports in Turkey. Therefore, the number of employees who are responsible for welcoming passengers is quite high. However, sometimes passengers still have difficulty finding staff to greet us. Our vouchers always show which airport and exactly where we will meet. We also decided to add a separate page with images of our meeting points for the convenience of our customers. We hope this new feature will help us serve you better.


At Istanbul airport we meet immediately after exiting gate number 14 with a name plate

Istanbul Airport is one of the largest airports in the world with a passenger traffic of 200 million people, an area of 76.5 square kilometers, 6 runways, 2 terminals and 143 passenger bridges. The airport has 7 gates for passengers, but permission to meet passengers is issued only at one of them. After the pandemic, meetings inside the terminal are no longer possible; all meetings take place at the exits of the building. The current output number changes from time to time. The current gate number is indicated on your voucher (currently gate number 14). We meet you immediately after exiting on the street with a name plate. Passengers must check the information on the voucher before the flight so as not to exit from the wrong exit. Our staff conducts meetings in accordance with the meeting text indicated on the voucher. In case you are unable to find an appointments officer, please contact our call center immediately at +90 537 600 14 11.



At Antalya Airport, our employees greet you at the exit gate with a name plate.

Antalya Airport is one of the important airports with high passenger traffic. It becomes Turkey's busiest airport during the tourist season due to its location in the tourist hub. The airport serves passengers through two international terminals, one domestic terminal, a cargo terminal, as well as dedicated CIP and VIP terminals, for a total of six terminals. With the addition of a new terminal building in 2022, the airport is expected to be able to handle up to 80 million passengers per year.

During periods of high load, especially at the exit of the building, there may be thousands of passengers at the same time, which creates difficulties for passengers in finding Tulpar Travel staff for a meeting. In such a situation, passengers are advised to urgently call the call center +905327372035 and wait on site until the necessary arrangements are made.


We meet you with the name plate right after you leave the airport building in Bodrum.

Despite the fact that Bodrum Airport is smaller than Istanbul and Antalya airports, its load is just as high - 5 million passengers per year. The airport serves passengers through two terminals: international and domestic flights. Bodrum is home to some of Turkey's best quality hotels and is extremely popular among tourists. Therefore, Bodrum Airport offers high quality services corresponding to the tourism potential of the region.