Distance Sales Agreement

Distance Sales Agreement

Terms and Conditions

User Agreement:

transferigo.com is the tourism organization of TULPAR TRAVEL TOURISM ORGANIZATION AND TRADE LTD. This is the transfer sales portal of TULPAR TRAVEL TOURISM ORGANIZATION AND TRADE LTD. Registered in ANTALYA CORPORATIONS V.D 6241567056.

The phone number TULPAR TRAVEL (+90537 600 14 11), igo@transferigo.com serves as the email address.

If you are registered on our site or make purchases in online stores, it is considered that you have read the purchase agreement compiled by us and provided below and agree with the terms of the agreement.

TULPAR TRAVEL reserves the right to change the terms of the agreement, including the expansion of the website and information, at any state and without any prior notice.

If you do not understand something in the terms of the agreement, please contact the call center.

Used Languages:

1.1. The website transferigo.com operates in Turkish and Russian languages, but in case of any disputes or misunderstandings, the primary language is Turkish.


2.1. TULPAR TRAVEL (transferigo.com) acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and provides services to individual clients and groups.

2.2. In this purchase agreement, the buyer and the service provider are considered sellers and take on responsibilities.

2.3. This agreement is made between the Buyer (client who purchased services online) and the Seller (company providing the actual services) and is recognized by both parties. In case of disputes, TULPAR TRAVEL is not responsible for them.

2.4. The buyer receives preliminary information about the main characteristics of services, prices, and payment conditions and agrees to the terms of the agreement.

2.5. TULPAR TRAVEL is not responsible for compensating for moral and material expenses incurred due to delays, accidents, injuries, illnesses, hospital expenses, caused by force majeure circumstances and hindering travel weather and natural phenomena.

2.6. If the Seller cannot provide services due to force majeure circumstances, the Buyer, according to the general rules of order cancellation, has the right to cancel the order or use the right to postpone until the circumstances preventing the Seller from fulfilling their obligations are removed. According to the terms, in case of order cancellation, the paid amount is returned to the Buyer within 10 days.

2.7. TULPAR TRAVEL, to fulfill its obligations, may resort to a subcontractor, i.e., another company or a third party.

Service Provision Process:

3.1. TULPAR TRAVEL sells services of the service provider.

3.2. If the bank or financial institutions do not transfer funds to TULPAR TRAVEL for the service used by the buyer, as provided for in this agreement, then the buyer agrees to pay for the received service in another way within three (3) working days.

3.3. The voucher belonging to TULPAR TRAVEL must be shown to the provider before the start of the transfer and if there is a return transfer to ensure the information is correct. If there are any inaccuracies, then this responsibility fully belongs to the Buyer.

3.4. The responsibility for determining the time of order fulfillment and determining the place fully lies with the Buyer.

3.5. We recommend all our clients to read this agreement carefully.

Payment Responsibility

4.1. TULPAR TRAVEL provides a secure system for the maximum level of secure purchases with the necessary SSL certificates when paying by credit card. But in illegal transactions, such as payments by credit cards, card theft, extra money withdrawal, payments by credit cards through viruses, TULPAR TRAVEL is not responsible.

Cancellation - Changes:

5.1. All changes and cancellations must be communicated to TULPAR TRAVEL (transferigo.com) by email. In case of service cancellation up to 24 hours before the transfer starts, the payment for the service is returned to the Buyer. In case of booking cancellation 12 hours before the transfer, 50% of the transfer cost is returned. For cancellation of the transfer less than 12 hours, the cost of the service is not returned. Please contact our support service for all changes and cancellations.

5.2. All changes are made through the account on transferigo.com and must be notified by email to igo@transferigo.com. Changes are made 12 hours before the service date. No additional fees for changing the meeting place in the selected area are charged.


6.1. TULPAR TRAVEL works with its fleet and several transport companies.

6.2. TULPAR TRAVEL is not responsible for the client's delay to the plane, on the transfer, additional treatment expenses, accommodation expenses, transportation expenses if it occurred due to force majeure circumstances such as loss