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Dalaman Airport ( DLM ) - Sarayburnu

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Sarayburnu is a historical district located at the southernmost point of Istanbul's historical peninsula, where the Golden Horn meets the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus. The region is known for its important cultural and historical monuments, including Topkapi Palace, which served as the residence of the Ottoman sultans for centuries. Sarayburnu is also known for its picturesque parks, seaside promenades and impressive views of the Bosphorus and the Asian side of Istanbul.

Located in Sarayburnu, Topkapı Palace is one of Turkey's most important museums, displaying a rich collection of Islamic art, treasures and relics, including the sultans' clothing, weapons, valuable manuscripts and much more. With its magnificent gardens and pavilions, this palace allows visitors to experience the world of luxury and splendor that surrounded the Ottoman rulers.

In addition to Topkapı, Sarayburnu has many important tourist attractions, such as the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Gülhane Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the city, and the beginning of the famous Divan Yolu Street, which leads to many historical sites of Istanbul.

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