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İzmir - Adnan Menderes ( ADB ) - Buyukcekmece

Transfer from Istanbul Airport - Istanbul Buyukcekmece Airport - Istanbul Buyukcekmece - Transfer Istanbul Buyukcekmece, Istanbul Buyukcekmece, Istanbul Buyukcekmece Airport, VIP transfers in Istanbul, fast track, CIP terminal. How long does it take to get from the airport to Buyukcekmece by transfer? Approximately 70 minutes.

Buyukcekmece, often referred to simply as Çekmece, is an area located on the European side of Istanbul, at the entrance to the Sea of Marmara from Kucukcekmece Bay. This is a place with a rich history and culture, attracting the attention of both local residents and tourists with its natural beauty, historical monuments and developed infrastructure.

The name "Buyukcekmece" is translated as "Big Box" or "Large Chest Bone", which, according to one version, is associated with the shape of the local bay. The area is famous for its magnificent Kucukcekmece Bay Bridge, one of Turkey's longest bridges, which is an important transport hub connecting the European and Asian parts of the city.

Buyukcekmece is also famous for its beautiful beaches and recreation areas along the Marmara Sea coast, where residents and visitors can enjoy the sun and sea. There are various parks and green areas ideal for family holidays, picnics and outdoor sports activities.

Historically, the area has a significant heritage, intertwining traces of Ottoman, Byzantine and earlier Christian cultures. In and around Buyukcekmece, you can find many historical monuments, including ancient churches, mosques, fortresses and other architectural structures that tell the story of the layered and rich history of the area.

In addition, Buyukcekmece is actively developing as a tourist and cultural center. Various cultural and sporting events, festivals and fairs are regularly held here, attracting visitors from all over Istanbul and other regions of Turkey. Developed infrastructure, the presence of hotels, restaurants and cafes make Buyukcekmece an attractive place for recreation and tourism.

Overall, Buyukcekmece is an area that offers the perfect combination of historical heritage, natural beauty and modern amenities, making it one of the interesting and attractive places to visit in Istanbul.

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