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İzmir - Adnan Menderes ( ADB ) - Kemer Ciralı

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Çıralı is a secluded holiday region in Antalya province, on Turkey's southwestern coast. This region is known for its long sandy beaches, surrounded by picturesque mountains and pine forests, creating a unique microclimate and an atmosphere of peace and unity with nature.

One of the characteristics of Çıralı is its focus on the environment. Development here is tightly controlled to minimize impact on the environment, making the area attractive to nature lovers and those looking for a relaxing holiday away from the noise of the city. Most accommodation consists of small hotels, bungalows and guest houses, often run by local families.

Çıralı beaches, famous for their cleanliness, are the nesting area of rare turtle species such as Caretta Caretta, especially between May and October. Thanks to strict regulations to protect the turtles' habitat, visitors are given the opportunity to observe this magnificent natural phenomenon.

Cirali is also a great destination for hikers and explorers. In the surrounding area are the ancient ruins of Olympus and the sunken city, which can be explored independently or as part of a tour group. The area offers many hiking routes that lead to historical sites as well as picturesque landscapes and natural beauties of the region.

In the evenings, you can enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine in one of the local restaurants or cafes, which serve fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits from local farms, as well as dishes prepared according to old recipes.

Çıralı is a paradise for those who seek peace and relaxation, prefer ecotourism, want to dive into the atmosphere of traditional Turkey and enjoy its nature and history.

Transfer time to this area varies depending on the location of the hotel and varies between 110 and 120 minutes. Our company's transfer services include various types of transportation in standard, VIP and premium classes. The company has successfully established itself not only in transportation services, but also in additional services. Express check-in/check-out services, CIP terminal services, post-meeting floral reception, translation services and boat trips - the company has been successfully providing all these additional services for 12 years.


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