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İzmir - Adnan Menderes ( ADB ) - Mersin Akkuyu

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Mersin Akkuyu (Akçay) is a small resort town located on the Mediterranean coast in the Mersin province in southern Turkey. The city is famous for its picturesque beaches, clear sea and tranquil atmosphere, making it a popular destination for rest and relaxation.

One of the main attractions of Akkuyu is its beaches, which stretch along the seashore and offer visitors ideal conditions for sunbathing, swimming and various water activities. The beaches of the city are distinguished by their cleanliness and comfortable conditions for relaxation.

In addition to beach holidays, Akkuyu also offers beautiful natural scenery and active sports such as cycling, hiking and windsurfing.

The city offers its guests a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops where you can try local dishes and buy souvenirs. You can also find various entertainment venues where you can spend time in the evening.

In general, Mersin Akkuyu is a cozy and calm resort town, an ideal place for those looking for a secluded and relaxing holiday by the sea.

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