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Kayseri Airport ( ASR ) - Kumkapi

Transfer from Istanbul Airport - Istanbul Kumkapi Airport - Istanbul Kumkapi - Transfer Istanbul Kumkapi, Istanbul Kumkapi, Istanbul Kumkapi Airport, VIP transfers to Istanbul, fast track, CIP terminal. How long does it take to get from the airport to Kumkapi by transfer? Approximately 90 minutes

Kumkapi is one of the most picturesque and historically significant areas of Istanbul, located on the shores of the Marmara Sea, near the historical peninsula. This place is known for its centuries-old history, rich cultural heritage and, especially, as a center for the fish trade and traditional Turkish cooking. The name of the area translated from Turkish means “Sand Gate”, which reflects its geographical location by the sea.

The history of Kumkapi is closely linked to the period of the Byzantine Empire, when the area was known as a fishing settlement and a place where goods arriving by sea were unloaded. During the Ottoman period, the area retained its importance as a key commercial and maritime center.

Today, Kumkapi is famous for its fish restaurants and cafes, located right by the water, where you can enjoy the freshest seafood and traditional Turkish dishes. The area's picturesque streets are full of history and culture, with historic buildings, churches and mosques, each telling their own unique story.

The area is especially famous for its “fish markets”, where every morning local fishermen sell their catch fresh from the Sea of Marmara. Kumkapi also hosts weekly street markets where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and many other goods.

Kumkapi is a popular destination among both locals and tourists seeking to experience the true Istanbul atmosphere, culture and hospitality. Walking through the streets of the area, you can feel like a part of the rich history of this amazing city, enjoy its culture and taste the unique dishes of local cuisine.

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