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Kayseri Airport ( ASR ) - Sisli

Transfer from Istanbul Airport - Istanbul Sisli Airport - Istanbul Sisli - Transfer Istanbul Sisli, Istanbul Sisli, Istanbul Sisli Airport, VIP transfers to Istanbul, fast track, CIP terminal. How long does it take to get from the airport to Sisli by transfer? Approximately 90 minutes

Sisli is one of the important and dynamically developing districts of Istanbul, located in the European part of the city, north of the Golden Horn and near the Bosphorus. This area is one of the centers of business, trade and culture in Istanbul, offering a mixture of modern city life and historical heritage.

Sisli attracts residents and tourists with its numerous shopping centers, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and markets. One of the most famous shopping centers in the area is Zeytinburnu, where many shops of famous brands, as well as local manufacturers, are presented. The area is also known for Nisantasi, an upscale area with high fashion boutiques, luxury restaurants and art galleries.

In addition, Sisli has a rich cultural heritage. There are several significant historical monuments and religious buildings, including mosques and churches, that reflect the area's multi-ethnic history. The Sisli Mosque, which is an important center of religious life in the area, attracts special attention.

Şişli is also known for its green parks and public gardens, providing residents and visitors of the city with the opportunity to enjoy nature and relax from the bustle of the big city. The area is a popular place for walking, sports and outdoor recreation.

Education and healthcare also play an important role in the life of the area. Numerous schools, universities and medical institutions are located here, including some of Istanbul's most prestigious hospitals and clinics.

Şişli is a place where the modern urban landscape blends harmoniously with historical traditions, offering residents and visitors a variety of cultural, shopping and entertainment opportunities. Thanks to its convenient location and developed infrastructure, Sisli continues to attract attention as a place to live and visit.

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