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Nevşehir Airport ( NAV ) - Cesme

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Cesme is a popular resort town and area on Turkey's west coast, on the Aegean Sea, known for its exquisite beaches, historical sites and warm hospitality. Located near Izmir, Cesme attracts tourists from all over the world due to its crystal clear sea, white sandy beaches and picturesque nature.

One of the most famous beaches of Cesme is ilica, which is famous for its golden sand and is ideal for family holidays. In addition to beach holidays, Cesme offers opportunities for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to ideal wind conditions, especially around Alacati Beach.

The resort is also rich in historical and cultural monuments. Cesme Castle, built in the 16th century by the Genoese and rebuilt by the Ottomans, dominates the city's skyline and is one of the main attractions. Inside the castle there is a museum with exhibits that tell the rich history of this region.

Nature and history lovers should visit the ancient city of Ephesus, located near Cesme. It is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world, including the ruins of ancient Roman theatres, temples and libraries.

Cesme is famous for its geothermal springs, which attract tourists who want to improve their health and relaxation. The thermal waters of the area have healing properties and are used in spa treatments in numerous resort complexes.

Cesme's gastronomic scene offers visitors a wide selection of local delicacies and Aegean cuisine, including fresh seafood, olives, cheeses and traditional Turkish sweets. In restaurants and cafes you can taste real culinary masterpieces while enjoying breathtaking views of the sea.

In the evening, Cesme comes alive with numerous bars, clubs and discos, offering a variety of options for nightlife.

Cesme is a place where there is something for everyone, be it history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts or those who dream of spending a few days by the sea enjoying

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