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Davraz is a popular ski resort located in a picturesque area of Davraz Mountain near the city of Isparta in southwestern Turkey. Located at an altitude of 1650 to 2635 meters above sea level, the resort offers excellent conditions for winter recreation for both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

The season in Davraz usually starts in December and lasts until April depending on weather conditions. The resort is equipped with a variety of ski lifts and cable cars that serve a variety of slopes of different difficulty levels, including gentle slopes for beginners and steeper slopes for experienced skiers.

A special feature of Davraz is its unique geographical position, which creates ideal conditions for skiing: heavy snowfall and the sunniest days of the year. There is also a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Eğirdir and the surrounding mountain landscapes from the peaks of the mountain, which makes the holiday here especially picturesque.

In addition to skiing, Davraz resort offers opportunities for snowmobiling, winter hiking and other outdoor activities. Near the tracks, there are hotels and inns with different levels of comfort to host guests, restaurants and cafes where you can try local cuisine and warm up with hot drinks after an active day on the tracks.

Davraz also attracts tourists with its accessibility: the resort is just a few hours' drive from the Mediterranean coast, allowing you to combine winter sports with sea holidays.

Overall, Davraz is a great winter holiday destination in Turkey, combining quality ski slopes, stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality.