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Kumluca is a district of Antalya province, on the southwestern coast of Turkey. This region is known for its fertile soil, where agriculture is actively developed, especially where tomatoes, oranges, lemons and other fruits and vegetables are grown. Kumluca is also famous for its beautiful beaches, historical sites and picturesque mountain views.

One of the main natural attractions of the region is Olympos Beach, located near the ancient city of Olympos. This region attracts the attention of history and archeology enthusiasts, as well as those who prefer outdoor recreation away from the noise of the city. Kumluca beaches such as Adrasan and Çıralı have clean and clear water and are ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Kumluca is also the starting point for walks along the Lycian Way, one of Turkey's most famous and scenic walking routes, stretching along the Mediterranean coast and passing through ancient cities and unique natural landscapes.

Kumluca region hosts many historical sites, including the ancient city of Rojamos and the unique archaeological sites of the Lycian civilization. Visiting these places provides a unique opportunity to get to know the history and culture of ancient Turkey.

Kumluca attracts attention not only with its history and nature, but also with its cultural events. Various festivals and fairs are held here every year, featuring local products, handicrafts and traditional Turkish entertainment.

In general, Kumluca offers a variety of activities, from exploring ancient ruins and enjoying natural beauties to participating in local cultural events. This makes the region attractive for many travelers who want to discover Turkey's unique heritage and nature.

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